Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

Nikon L110 and Spike

Hello there!
My new camera arrived yesterday! :)
It's so cool and I like the quality of the photos. The Nikon L110 is something between a digital camera and a single lens reflex camera. So perfect for a beginner like me ;)
Today I ordered a bag for my camera, a memory card and "Sanyo Eneloop" batteries and a charger for the batteries. Uff...but it's worth :)

So, here's a picture of my lovely dog Spike taken with my new camera. He's 5 years old and so cute :)

Tomorrow I'll celebrate my 16th birthday together with my best friends.
I think we'll watch a horror film and after that a comedy film. We'll talk much and we'll drink something :)

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

What's my age again?

One of my favorites songs made by one of my favorite Bands Blink-182.
I just loooove the video. Its style is so young, fresh, funny and naughty.
Like you should be with sixteen.

Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Back in Germany, birthday tomorrow

I'm back in Germany and I had a good time in Parma!
The drive was stressful...but okay.
The first days we went to different places, shopping, restaurants, walking and so on.
I bought the film "Ho voglia di te" (more infos later), many Italian brioches, postcards, shoes and magazines.
And that's weird. I normally buy more things, but the problem was that we went to PARMA (city) on the last day - at night.
They had so many good shops and they've been close, what is normal if you go there at night :/
But anyways...I enjoyed the swimming pool and the Italian feeling :)
I love that many Italian people are outside lately at night. I miss that so much...

PS: My opinion is that the South of Italy is better for holidays and if you want to know "la dolce vita" go to places under Rome (Rome enclosed of course ;))
I can't wait for October! Venezia calling! AND I'll se my favorite cousin again! 16th birthday is tomorrow...and I'm NOT excited.
I think the years before your 18th are always the same...but I enjoy every year to celebrate with my family and my friends :)
To me, the only "special" birhday is the 18th.
When I turn 18  I wanna go to a place I always wanted to visit.
Maybe Milan, Florence, London, Madrid, Havana, Stockholm...but I have time to choose. 2 years.
And after that I want to celebrate my 18th with my family and friends!

You know that I want a new camera for my birthday and here's another reason:
My camera was totally fucked up in Italy. I just took 10 pictures  and the quality is so bad!
I can't wait for a new camera!

Venezia - ancora tre mesi...:) ♥

Franca, se leggi questo: I miei coglioni diventano sempre più grandi! :D

Pictures taken in Parma at night. They are shooting a film in Parma, but I don't remember the name of the movie...:/

Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Arrivederci Germania, Ciao Italia!

Ciao a tutti!
Surprisingly I'll go to Italy tomorrow - I'm soooooo happy, I can't describe it!
My auntie called me this week and asked me if I wanna go with her and my two cousins to Italy for a week.

So the place I'll be is called "Parma", region Emilia-Romagna, I've never been to the north of Italy.

Normally Paris was planned, but I'm just so glad that I will go to Italy instead of Paris...which can sound pretty weird for people who want to go to Paris :D
But I think Paris can wait until autumn, c'est vrai, non? ;)


Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

I fell in love with that camera - Nikon L110
I'm so f****** in love with this camera, nobody would believe me :o
My birthday is in 16 days now and I really wanna buy that camera...
I hope I'll have it next month! :D

So here's a picture!

Oh and by the way: I promise that I'll shoot more pictures when I have that babe! ;)

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

Song of the day

Subsonica - Strade

ti guardo che mi guardi non so se salutarti o fare finta che non sia già tardi


First post. Finally.

Hello there!
I decided to create a blog with my thoughts, my hopes, my wishes and about my life.

Picture taken 2008, in Italy.