Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Back in Germany, birthday tomorrow

I'm back in Germany and I had a good time in Parma!
The drive was stressful...but okay.
The first days we went to different places, shopping, restaurants, walking and so on.
I bought the film "Ho voglia di te" (more infos later), many Italian brioches, postcards, shoes and magazines.
And that's weird. I normally buy more things, but the problem was that we went to PARMA (city) on the last day - at night.
They had so many good shops and they've been close, what is normal if you go there at night :/
But anyways...I enjoyed the swimming pool and the Italian feeling :)
I love that many Italian people are outside lately at night. I miss that so much...

PS: My opinion is that the South of Italy is better for holidays and if you want to know "la dolce vita" go to places under Rome (Rome enclosed of course ;))
I can't wait for October! Venezia calling! AND I'll se my favorite cousin again! 16th birthday is tomorrow...and I'm NOT excited.
I think the years before your 18th are always the same...but I enjoy every year to celebrate with my family and my friends :)
To me, the only "special" birhday is the 18th.
When I turn 18  I wanna go to a place I always wanted to visit.
Maybe Milan, Florence, London, Madrid, Havana, Stockholm...but I have time to choose. 2 years.
And after that I want to celebrate my 18th with my family and friends!

You know that I want a new camera for my birthday and here's another reason:
My camera was totally fucked up in Italy. I just took 10 pictures  and the quality is so bad!
I can't wait for a new camera!

Venezia - ancora tre mesi...:) ♥

Franca, se leggi questo: I miei coglioni diventano sempre più grandi! :D

Pictures taken in Parma at night. They are shooting a film in Parma, but I don't remember the name of the movie...:/

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