Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Take your time.

I took my time.
I hurried up.
The choice was mine, I didn't think enough.
(Adam's song)

My friend J gave me that postcard as a birthday present. 
It's only in German, sorry. It's about taking time for every important thing. 
Take time for yourself.
I love the poem.

Sonntag, 22. August 2010

Who am I?

Sorry that I didn't post anything this week.
School started monday and it's stressful.

learningpressuretrying to get better - ambition - success - less fun - tiredness - no, you should learn more! - working more - going to bed - next morning - I wanna sleep - I can't - starting over

Yes. When I go to school everything is on repeat and I cannot wait for holidays or the weekends.
I'm always tired on fridays and I'm so tired at the weekend that I do nothing.
I don't hate school, I love it to see my friends everyday, but I'm so tired of the pressure in school, so tired of trying to get better, to be better.
I've got a new subject, Drama. I often ask myself who I am and what I want and since tuesday, since my first drama lesson, I'm more trying to find out. How can I describe myself? Here a few words.

I am a shy, open, hesitant, laddish, thoughtful, likeable, dislikable, honest, dishonest, funny, not funny, smart, stupid, polite, impolite, successful, unsuccessful, calmful, loud, immature, mature, happy, unhappy, smiling and crying person. 

I am also a dreamer, but who cares.

Significato: abitante del bosco
Origine: latina
Onomastico: 3 Novembre
Corrispondenze: Segno Zodiacale dell'Acquario
Numero portafortuna: 8
Colore: bianco
Pietra: diamante
Metallo: oro
(by Polvere di Fata)

Montag, 16. August 2010

I'm feeling this!

                                          Fate fell short this time
                                     Your smile fades in the summer
                                          Place your hand in mine
                                           I'll leave when I wanna

                                                (Blink-182 Feeling this)

Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Sonntag, 1. August 2010

Life could be so different.

I frequently lie on my bed and think about things that could be different in my life or how I'd like my life to be.

I think about how my life would be if I live in America.
Let us expect that I'd live in Santa Monica, California.
I'm not rich and I'm not poor, I'm just "normal".
The sun shines the whole year, I often go to the beach with my friends, I attend a high school and my friends and I go to many concerts at the weekend.
Many teenager I know are naughty, but in a funny way. My friends and I, we're just 16 years old, but we abscond at night, because we wanna go to a party which was usually planned for the 18-year-old teenager. Nobody cares about the age at the party, because everybody's going. They play pop punk/punk rock music, Blink-182, Green Day, Sex Pistols, Ramones, All Time Low, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and so on.
It's trendy to have piercings and tattoos. I have a tattoo. My tattoo is stashed, on the left hip bone. There will always be written "sixteen" on my skin. My friends also have tattoos. Everybody will maybe regret it when they're old, because they did it to anger their parents.
Everybody's dating, you get to know so many people and it's lot of fun.
The boys I know wear clothes like the members of Blink-182.
Summerholiday will begin in one week and many parties are planned, everybody will go to the beach, travel to some cities like San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles...
Of course we'll make the trip with a car, because you can get your driving license with 16.

I guess I dream and think about this so many times, because everything's so different at the place I live.
I don't have many possibilities at my "city", which has a population of 12,250.
I'd prefer to live in a city like Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Cologne.
That's a reason why I can't wait to turn 18. I wanna travel and see the world, my biggest dream is America.
Still two years I have to wait.
Why did I choose America? I love the English language (and especially the American accent), the mentality, the humor and I mean, America is the country of boundless possibilities, isn't it?
- I have to add that I don't regret to be an European or to live in Europe.
I'm just dreaming and dreaming is never wrong, right? -