Sonntag, 22. August 2010

Who am I?

Sorry that I didn't post anything this week.
School started monday and it's stressful.

learningpressuretrying to get better - ambition - success - less fun - tiredness - no, you should learn more! - working more - going to bed - next morning - I wanna sleep - I can't - starting over

Yes. When I go to school everything is on repeat and I cannot wait for holidays or the weekends.
I'm always tired on fridays and I'm so tired at the weekend that I do nothing.
I don't hate school, I love it to see my friends everyday, but I'm so tired of the pressure in school, so tired of trying to get better, to be better.
I've got a new subject, Drama. I often ask myself who I am and what I want and since tuesday, since my first drama lesson, I'm more trying to find out. How can I describe myself? Here a few words.

I am a shy, open, hesitant, laddish, thoughtful, likeable, dislikable, honest, dishonest, funny, not funny, smart, stupid, polite, impolite, successful, unsuccessful, calmful, loud, immature, mature, happy, unhappy, smiling and crying person. 

I am also a dreamer, but who cares.

Significato: abitante del bosco
Origine: latina
Onomastico: 3 Novembre
Corrispondenze: Segno Zodiacale dell'Acquario
Numero portafortuna: 8
Colore: bianco
Pietra: diamante
Metallo: oro
(by Polvere di Fata)

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