Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Dorian Gray is perfect.

today is the 2nd september and I'll go to Venice in exactly one month. I can't wait!
I'm reading "The picture of Dorian Gray" at the moment and I think that this book is perfect.
Dorian Gray is perfect, Oscar Wilde's way of writing is perfect, the ambiance of the book is perfect.
I read one side of the book about Venice and I wanted to share it with you - in German.

Devant une façade rose
Sur le marbre d'un escalier.
Das ganze Venedig lag in diesen zwei Zeilen.
Er erinnerte sich an den Herbst, den er dort vebracht hatte, und an eine wundervolle Liebe, die ihn zu wahnsinnigen, entzückenden Tollheiten verleitet hatte.
Romanzen gab es allerorten; aber Venedig hatte wie Oxford den Hintergrund für die Romantik noch bewahrt, und für den echten Romantiker ist der Hintergrund alles oder beinahe alles.
(by Oscar Wilde)

I'm thinking a lot about the character of Dorian Gray, the secret of his mind.
I guess there are many persons who'd say that his character is horrible or dislikable.
I fell in love with Dorian Gray from the very first moment I read about him in the book.
I'm so charmed by this beautiful man that I can imagine to call my son Dorian.
I'll see the play (theater) at the 15th september together with my class and I'm pretty sure that I'll be a bit...disappointed. I haven't seen the movie yet, but when I saw that Ben Barnes will play Dorian Gray I was glad. To me - the aspect of Ben Barnes is perfect for Dorian Gray.
A man who plays Dorian Gray has to be perfect.
Perfect is the perfect word.

I'll also order the book in English soon.

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  1. oo i love ben barnes! i really wanna read the book too :)